2013-14 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2013-14 JLKD Award winners!

New Member Award: Erin Tobias

Erin Tobias was praised for her excellent efforts in fundraising, Kids in the Kitchen and general membership. She is described as energetic, dedicated and a leader in the new member class. She went over and beyond with the Kids in the Kitchen event. Although she is very soft spoken, she used her voice to let her thoughts be heard and spent a lot of her free time volunteering at JLKD events.

Gabriela Pino Fundraising Award: Renata Musial and Chelsey Osborne

The general consensus of the members was, that without Renata Musial and Chelsey Osborne, our fundraisers just wouldn’t have been the same this year. This dynamic duo led the League to exceed our fundraising goals and have an amazing time as well. They have both, equally, gone above and beyond this year for fundraising, exceeding all fundraising goals. They are a great team and deserved to be recognized together.

Janet Bornancin Community Award: Sue Wilson

Sue Wilson is respected and appreciated by so many. Here are just a few of the things you said about her: She always makes an effort to involve you when you are at an event, and makes sure the event is the best it can be for those we are helping. She is a wonderful ambassador for our league and is always reaching out to see who need help and how we can give it. Her positive attitude is contagious! She has this energy that inspires others to want to learn more about the projects we are doing in the community.

Sustaining Member Award: Lynn Tucker

Year after year, Lynn Tucker gives her heart and soul to the League and everyone who needs it. She is giving and always goes out of her way to make others feel comfortable. She goes above and beyond as a sustainer, staying involved and active. She continues to support JLKD by working to continue relationships with other sustainers. She is a tireless volunteer who helps wherever and whenever needed. She has put a huge spark back in many sustainers for JLKD. She has worked so hard to rally the sustainers and engage them in meaningful ways.

Membership Award: Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark was nominated for the Membership Award for Outstanding League Work by League members with the following: “She has been a true asset to the League.” “She has developed things this year that make me proud to be part of JLKD.” “She does everything with a positive attitude and a smile, and is always willing to do more than is asked of her.” “She has spent endless hours contributing her time.” “She absolutely deserves this award. And a million cookies.”